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Brian, 9 year old QH gelding (SOLD)

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Exceptionally beautiful buttermilk buckskin gelding. Standing 15.0 HH, weighing 1200 lbs. “Brian” is a seasoned trail horse; accustomed to traffic, cattle, bridge, water and down timber crossings. He is forward moving, has smooth gates, is sensitive and responsive which makes him a fun ride. Brian has been one of my go to ranch horses all summer; he’s been used in fire scorched areas, heavy brush, steep mountains and is happy to go all day. Great handle in the bridle, will also ride in a bosel. This mannerly, kind gelding has been ridden by my children, and will ride bareback or in a halter. Brian is sure to be a barn favorite.

Brian has been sold for $20,000.


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