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NELLY - 9 year old black molly mule, standing 15.1 HH

Updated: Jun 13, 2022


Truly a once in a lifetime mule here! Nelly has been a member of our family for several years now and graduated from being my “go-to” mule to my children’s mule. This mule is a seasoned, solid, excellent all-around mule! Nelly has been working for a living on our 10,000-acre high desert cattle ranch; roping, gathering, sorting, loading-trucks, you name it! She is a flawless trail mule who will safely carry any rider, no matter their ability level. Negotiates all terrain with confidence, never gets rattled, not a spooky mule; Nelly is a confidence booster for the timid and a steady partner for the experienced. Ride her every week or once a year, and she’s the same! Excellent handle in the bridle moves off leg, SMOOTH stride at every gait – slow jog, balanced, collected loped. She has carried my daughters at their first horse, and mule shows and was a reserved high point champion in the youth division at the 2019 Gold Country Mule Show (with my 7 yo daughter). She carried the whole family at Bishop Mule Days 2021 in a variety of events from Leadline, Walk-Trot, Youth Showmanship, youth western trail, to the Dolly Parton Race.

Nelly has been on several hunting and camping trips; she packs beautifully or will lead the string. Nelly lays down on command to mount or dismount. She is broke to mounted gunfire. When working cattle, she handles bullwhips, rattle paddles, and flags from in the saddle. This mule rides double, triple, bareback in any bridle or a halter. She is the first one to get caught. She is incredibly gentle and loves people. My youngest daughter has been leading Nelly since she could walk. This mule goes barefoot just as well as shod and is a dream for the farrier. This mule is a unicorn among mules and is sure to be loved by anyone!


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