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Hershey - 15 year old Bay John Mule, standing 14.1 hh

Updated: Jun 13, 2022


Seasoned, solid ride, drive and pack mule. Friendly, kind and gentle for a variety of riders from children to adults. Great size and conformation with a quarter horse build makes him stocky enough to carry a heavier rider and a great size for a younger rider. Hershey has been on hunting trips, both packing and leading the string. He has been used on cattle, gathering and sorting in the corral. He is excellent on drives down busy road ways and is not bothered by truck traffic.

Same mule after long lay offs, so use him daily or once a year. This mule has been worked in the harness on wheeled vehicles as well as in farm machinery as a team. Video can be provided of driving if requested. Hershey has been ridden by our whole family on the trails, including 9 and 7 year old girls, ridden double with the younger siblings, and loaned to friends and family who are timid or beginners. He is safe and dependable. Excellent to lead or follow, does not mind being crowded in the group or separating from the group. Crosses bridges, water and rocky terrain. This mule takes care of himself and his rider in steep ground, he does and excellent job of controlling his speed on the downhill slopes and is a strong climber. Great for the farrier, currently going barefoot, with great, strong hooves, takes a set of shoes well too. Loads, hauls, stands tied for hours patiently. Good to catch, clip, saddle and bridle. This is a mule for the whole family that is versatile and safe.

For more information call, text or email. Hershey is consigned on for online auction beginning 12/13/21, ending two weeks later.

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