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Diane - 15.1 HH, 11 yo black paint molly

Diane is a versatile, seasoned all around mule that rides, packs and drives (single and double)! Safe for all levels of riders and packers. Excellent manners and disposition, always a lady. Diane rides well in the arena and even better in the mountains. Crosses water, bridges and down timber safely and in a calm manner. She is smooth to ride with a soft stride and nice walking pace. Good neck rein, easily ridden in one hand and operated by less experienced riders. Diane is a flawless pack mule that has packed every type of pack load and worked in every position in the string. She has also lead pack strings and ponied colts. Diane has been use in the buggy on black top roads (trained by Amish) and worked double on wagons and a variety of farm equipment. Diane is a youth suitable and safe molly that will be enjoyed by the whole family!

Consigned to the Salmon Select Mule Sale

Selling April 14, 2023

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